Top 10 books

I like to read
a lot
in a week I read nearly 5 or 7 books.

I don't know,
books take me to somewhere else
where you can be
a different person.

books have a magical way
they drag you in
to this fantasy world
and do not let go until you finish.

So here is my top 10 list:
1- The Handmaid's Tail
2- Girl With A Pearl Earing
3- 5th Horseman
4- Queen of Babble(the first, the second, the third)
5- Tommy Sullavian is a Freak
6- Columbine
7- Size 12 is not fat ( the series)
8- 10 Reasons Not To Fall In Love
9- Boy meets Girl
10-Booty Nomad

Okay this is not true
I can't have a top 10 list
I can't decide
I should do a top 50 =)
maybe later

now I should read the book i started few hours ago
it is called Jinx
i just started so i have no idea about how it is
but I will write about it
lately(today) I finished Take Me There and
it was awsome
You should read if you like spending time in your fantasy world =)

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