I know it's late
my mind is getting ready to sleep.
I need to sleep
I need "not doing anything" right now.

Why I'm writing late:
I was at a parteey =)
it was one of my bestfriend's party
she was doing "Sweet 16".
It was very fun actually
The music, the drinks, the dance.....
this was what i needed

I danced like crazy
not kidding
and I met new people
I liked them all
they were sweet and caring

I wish I could write more
but my eyelids are falling down
there was a song like that
anyway I will write very interesting things tomorrow
I have planned for you


p.s: dancing crazy was one of my best experiences try it sometime
p.s.s: I had a hair cut today but it doe not look any different
just a little bit shorter. A little bit..

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