today was unnecessary
i did nothing
I stayed at home to study for my finals
but i did not =)
Actually I went to my friend and studied a little there
but I can't count it as studying =)

After this 1 week i
at least for 2 months


Frames from home =)


we are currently at our copmuter lesson
and it is gone wild =)
This will be our last lesson
so everyone is acting like bunch of freaks
Our teacher is angry now
I don't know why?
We did a project on photoshop
and now I can say I know it very well
I have to close or else the teacher kill me =)

4 weeks

After 5 days of holiday
school starts again
but it is fine
we have only 4 weeks
no 3
last week is not important =)
after 3 weeks
the only thing I have to worry about
is when to start sun bathing and
how much I need to tan =)
I am counting days

bye =)

Top 5 =)

1- How I Met Your Mother
2- The Good Wife
3- Bones
4- Criminal Minds
5- Lost

1- Math
2- Bio
3- Photograhy
4- Chem
5- English

1- Are you gonna be my girl-jet
2- Creep -Radiohead
3- Never say Never- The Fray
4- funkytown- Lipss Inc
5- Crazy- Gnarls Barkley


I am so sorry
for not posting anything
for about 3 days but I will
Write tommorrow
I promise :)
Good night


I love eating cupcakes
It is a hard process
but the taste
it makes me go to my
fantasy world!!
The colors give me joy
the shapes give me peace
I am their secret lovers =)

Killer Sunday

As always today was depressing
I am sad for "sunday"
no one loves it
adults do not like it because works starts
teenagers do not like it beacuse highschool starts
children do not like it because elementary school starts
the next day =)

Anyway today I was
totally unlucky!
I can prove it
I wanted to buy a new phone
so I went out
and drove to the store
but there was not any left
then I went to other two stores
where I could not find the phone =(
so I ended up buying nothing
more than 2 hotdogs and an ice-cream


Homework can be Fun

was blessed=)
i was with my 8 friends
but for different reasons
First I skipped school =)
at 3 o'clock ceren, ilgin, lara came
and we went to Mint to eat sushi
30 minutes or so later misra joined us
with her new (not) blackberry=)
Lara left us and we finished our lunch
we went back to Ceren's
where I fell in love with Candy =)

After an hour later
we (misra, lgin and I) were at my house
ayse came next
then ece
and we took some pics that you can see =)
We decided to do some homeworks
after all that was our main purpose

We choosed the poem
I'm a Puppy?
(our homework was to shoot a poem)
and dressed ilgin like a puppy
she had a dotted t-shirt and puppy ears.
We started to shoot
we endedup having the best video ever
but it is not the poem part that is amazing
it is the backstage part
you can watch it
but it is a little bit long
We were down to three
Ilgin, Ece and I
As I told in my previous post
we only slept for three hours
that means we slept at 6 o'clock
without noticing =)
and were woken up by my mom
in front of the TV at 9 o'clock
Friday-Saturday morning adventure =)

Everything seems lovelier when they are fast forward
these are two of the videos that Ilgin, Ece and I shot
they do not make sense
but I had the time of my life
Funkytown was shot at 3 a.m
and Goodbye Apathy was shot at 4 a.m
or so =)
watch till the end they are a bit boaring
but the end is always the best
we slept at 6 a.m
but our aim was not to sleep at all
i will write about friday later
lots of thing happened
it was the best day ever =)



I just finished a book today
and i loved the message it gave
"Never be afrad of telling the truth"
it is true
the more you keep lies and secretsto yourself
the more life gets hard and depressive

I feel it now, and i want it to end.


I am sorry for not writing
about 3 days
but this week was wild =)

I went to shopping
with my mom after school
and bought 3 shoes =)
2 converse and 1 from topshop
also my sis took the ABRSM exam
which happened to went very well.
It was really late when I got back home!!

I was excited because there was
a musical in our school
and we had to stay after school
to watch it
it was magnificent.

We had 3 free hours
so me and my friend ece
decided to discover the forest=)
after having bugs climbing on our legs
we went inside and walked without a purpose
then we found my bffs
while we were walking
something amazing happened!!!
the best looking guy of the 10th grades
offered me to give his phone number
it was because of something silly =)
but it was still good to talk with him

A while later we decided to go to
the elementary school
and have some fun =)
We were 8-9 people
There is a thing called "slide" over there
that you jump on it and slide all the way
with a wire and a seat=)
we did that and there was like 3 people riding together
but it was designed to have 1 person only =)
We spent 2 hours in the elementary school

Musical was way better
than the last year's performance.
It was " Notre-dam de Paris"
I loved it,
the girl who played Esmeralda did a great job.
I arrived home at 10.30 pm=)

Nothing exciting and worth to tell about
happened =)
Oh maybe,
I learned that Ilgin and Ece will be able to
sleep-over at my house on Friday.
And we had a class detention
That will count.

I have to finish my book
see ya

Eyes say more than we want to
They are deeper than we think
They can make you lost
or they can welcome you

the first one is my eye
and the second is my sis's
they are very different
her eyes are green
mine are blue


Lights can be really weird
they change
they are different
they make you relax
or stressed
or calm
or nervous
we just don't think about it