New Life

Okay so I did not write yesterday =)
sorry for that

But I was trying to finish the new book i started. I did not by the way, i finished it today. It was, as always, great!! I highly recommend it. It is called Just Listen. My bff gave it to me, she is both movie and book freak =) oh and music

I learned a lot from that book:
not saying things is also counted as lying!!!
it is very hard to be always honest
but i learned that the people that stay with you
when you say the truth
are your best friends FOREVER

This year i had a new bff. Even though she is a weirdo =) She will be my bff. She makes me laugh 7/24 which is not that hard, if we count that I laugh to every word that is said. She is a little aggressive but i love tickling her and shoving my veins to her. Which is the one thing she hates the most.

Also I had two more new friends. I mean this year i met with lots of new people and they are my friends, i think,anyway they are for me but this two is special =) They are one year younger than me but i don't mind that. Some people might think that they are not mature as we are because they are one year younger but it is not like that at all.I can definetly say that some people that are same age with me are not that mature too. Anwyay that is not the point.The first semester we started to talk and we became friends immedietly. If we are lucky we will have a sleep-over at my house someday soon =) I love my two new friends. I hope they love me too =)

Nisan and Ayse. I became close friends with them this semester. Last semester we were friends,yes, but not like this =) They are so fun, Nisan makes my life extraordinary and i am really gratefull to her. On the other hand Ayse and I lauged at Elyo more than I can remember.I am so so so so sad that i will not be in the same class with my new 4 friends.EVER.

Yes I had some new friends this year but I also lost some =) I can't exactly say "I lost" but they changed. Maybe they realize maybe they don't maybe they are happy with it so they don't want to realize but i will not be the one that will tell. They should understand on their own.

This year I had a huge crush too. Very huge!!! Only few people know who he is but i can say that:
he never met with me but he knows who i am,that i exist
he and i never talked,okay, maybe just two times but they were just one word conversations
and he will never like me. I just know that
my friends say that i should talk with him but it is not easy
at least for me.
I plan to talk with him
one day =)
destiny will show =)

As you see i had a lot going on
inside me
this was good, writing was good
for me =)
I still have a lot inside but i will reveal them one at a time
baby steps
baby steps

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