sorry for not posting any news

I am now sunbathing in Bodrum
It is 45261312 degrees and I am burning
wi-fi is too low
and I am having a crisis.

Previously :

"M" went to America for summer camp (to Andover)
she is now having the time of her life
maybe not because she said there were tons of work to do =)
I missed her and she won't be back until August =(
she talked to the most handsome boy in the camp =)

The other "M" will be back home sunday =)
we will meet on tuesday and think what crazy things we are going to do
we did not see each other for 3 weeks
we have to catch up =)

"P" went to France, Paris to be exact
She is there for summer camp.
she went there for a month
but you shoud have seen her luggage
it is tinier than what I take to a one week vacation
It is a miracle to fit in that luggage =)

"O" started dating someone really nice
we knew it was coming =)

and I will return home in few days
I will stay 5 days in istanbul
and then I will go to England
my dream country
and I will shop like a lunatic =)

see ya