New Life

Okay so I did not write yesterday =)
sorry for that

But I was trying to finish the new book i started. I did not by the way, i finished it today. It was, as always, great!! I highly recommend it. It is called Just Listen. My bff gave it to me, she is both movie and book freak =) oh and music

I learned a lot from that book:
not saying things is also counted as lying!!!
it is very hard to be always honest
but i learned that the people that stay with you
when you say the truth
are your best friends FOREVER

This year i had a new bff. Even though she is a weirdo =) She will be my bff. She makes me laugh 7/24 which is not that hard, if we count that I laugh to every word that is said. She is a little aggressive but i love tickling her and shoving my veins to her. Which is the one thing she hates the most.

Also I had two more new friends. I mean this year i met with lots of new people and they are my friends, i think,anyway they are for me but this two is special =) They are one year younger than me but i don't mind that. Some people might think that they are not mature as we are because they are one year younger but it is not like that at all.I can definetly say that some people that are same age with me are not that mature too. Anwyay that is not the point.The first semester we started to talk and we became friends immedietly. If we are lucky we will have a sleep-over at my house someday soon =) I love my two new friends. I hope they love me too =)

Nisan and Ayse. I became close friends with them this semester. Last semester we were friends,yes, but not like this =) They are so fun, Nisan makes my life extraordinary and i am really gratefull to her. On the other hand Ayse and I lauged at Elyo more than I can remember.I am so so so so sad that i will not be in the same class with my new 4 friends.EVER.

Yes I had some new friends this year but I also lost some =) I can't exactly say "I lost" but they changed. Maybe they realize maybe they don't maybe they are happy with it so they don't want to realize but i will not be the one that will tell. They should understand on their own.

This year I had a huge crush too. Very huge!!! Only few people know who he is but i can say that:
he never met with me but he knows who i am,that i exist
he and i never talked,okay, maybe just two times but they were just one word conversations
and he will never like me. I just know that
my friends say that i should talk with him but it is not easy
at least for me.
I plan to talk with him
one day =)
destiny will show =)

As you see i had a lot going on
inside me
this was good, writing was good
for me =)
I still have a lot inside but i will reveal them one at a time
baby steps
baby steps

2 To Go

I have 2 more exams and then i am free

first one is my german exam which is on friday and i know i will flunk =)
so i don't bother to work for it
even if i want
how can i study to an exam which i will write a story in prateritum??
the second one is more imporant!!
it is my piano exam and this year i did not study hard for it
i don't know why
maybe i lost my interest
i still love playing piano , a lot
but the lessons, the homeworks
they are what i hate the most
tomorrow we have a scavenger hunt in school =)
it is a blast!!!
i will write about it tomorrow
wait for it

au revoir

How fast can you type?

How fast can you type?
This is my sis
her laptop is the cutest
red with some designs on it =)
test your self

7 Reasons To Hate Sundays

1. School starts in 24 hours

2. Do all the homework that you did not bother to do in two days

3. Study for the up coming exams

4. Eat the left overs, not fancy food

5. Die from boredom because all of your friends stay at home to do their homework too

6. Have shower and blow dry your hair for 1 hour

7. Can't read books (that can be good for some people)


By melis

Its again a saturday and I am again having the time of my life
guess what ?
I'm with melis and olci
it can't be any better
I have to enjoy every minute !!!
and if we count that i will be gone in 30 minutes
i have to dance with them


I do not like the work Dilemma.
It sounds cliche
However i will use it a lot in this post because this post is about my dilemma's

My first dilemma:
It is not a topic that will save the world,
but it is important for me
Should my background stay as white or should I change it to black
because in black, the photos that i will post/posted already will look better !!!

Second dilemma:
This is again about my blog =)
Is my writing good or should I go with a smoother writing style ?

Should I buy a 70-300 lens
or a 24-120 lens ?

Should I buy a blackberry or not?

Last dilemma:
Should I read the book Speak or Outsiders next ?


Today my Vati suprised me
by buying the 70-300 Sigma lens for me
when he took the lens out of it's cover
I was happy, very very happy.
However when I tried to adjust the lens
it was too big for my tiny Nikon D40x
I am devastated=(
hopefuly tomorrow we will change it and
will get a new one that will fit =)
These pictures were taken by my
18-55mm lens.
I love that lens
but it's dead now
there is no auto focus (even thought i dont use it is necessary sometimes)
and I love taken macro photos
so 70-300 will be more usefull for me i guess.


It is so weird that
a song can make you
sad, happy depressed or exhausted.

Her Morning Elegance(Oren Lavie):
makes me tired and sleepy.

Gnarls Barkley- Crazy
makes me want to dance in the rain
with bare feet,
raindrops falling all over me

A Hard Day's Night by Beatles
is one of the most energic song
that I ever listened
you can't stay still
you have do something.
Tap your feet
clap your hands
Snap your fingers

When I listen Spotlight
I feel as if i'm in an action film
Being chased by the bad guys
escaping from all of them.

These are the songs I just listened =)
I 'm not a person that loves music
but two of my best friends are
therefore I know some good songs =)
they are good for me at least...

"But maybe I'm crazy
Maybe you're crazy
Maybe we're crazy

Exams Will Be My Murderers

Today I worked for 5 hours and it was only chemistry. Still I don't know anything. Can that be possible, yes it can, i have proof. Even though I worked for 5 hours, when I look at my worksheets i can not answer any of the questions. In addition I need to work for my math exam because next week we have 6 exams and they are really,very hard.Life shouldn't be like this. Life is something precious and we are spending it with working for exams. How lame is that?
Think about it, wouldn't life be prettier if there were no exams ??
No exams, I said not no school. There is a big difference. School is not that boring.Anyway i should at least open my math book, maybe it will encourage me =)



These are some sketches that Melis did,
The girl has a gift
aren't they awesome.

My favorite is
the one that has pink T-shirt and grey pants =)

Crazy Like A Racoon

I am laughing real hard right now,
I am having hard time to write.
with my two best friends
we are dancing like crazy
with chatroulette open.

we are from everywhere
all around the world
france, german, england, america even russia
that's the good thing about chatroulette
you can be under cover=)

it is a typical saturday night, its our tradition, every saturday night we do things that are very very ridiculous.However it is he best time of the day.

Who wouldn't want to be undercover and dance like crazy?

okay my friends officially gone crazy like a racoon now
they are jumping up and down
trying to speak german even though they don't know any =)
the boy is sooooooo handsome

dance my friends dance
and let your body to take the control...
bye guys


This is a photoshoot which my friend Misra and I did.
It is not professional because this was our first.
But I hope there will be more to come =)


I know it's late
my mind is getting ready to sleep.
I need to sleep
I need "not doing anything" right now.

Why I'm writing late:
I was at a parteey =)
it was one of my bestfriend's party
she was doing "Sweet 16".
It was very fun actually
The music, the drinks, the dance.....
this was what i needed

I danced like crazy
not kidding
and I met new people
I liked them all
they were sweet and caring

I wish I could write more
but my eyelids are falling down
there was a song like that
anyway I will write very interesting things tomorrow
I have planned for you


p.s: dancing crazy was one of my best experiences try it sometime
p.s.s: I had a hair cut today but it doe not look any different
just a little bit shorter. A little bit..

Top 10 books

I like to read
a lot
in a week I read nearly 5 or 7 books.

I don't know,
books take me to somewhere else
where you can be
a different person.

books have a magical way
they drag you in
to this fantasy world
and do not let go until you finish.

So here is my top 10 list:
1- The Handmaid's Tail
2- Girl With A Pearl Earing
3- 5th Horseman
4- Queen of Babble(the first, the second, the third)
5- Tommy Sullavian is a Freak
6- Columbine
7- Size 12 is not fat ( the series)
8- 10 Reasons Not To Fall In Love
9- Boy meets Girl
10-Booty Nomad

Okay this is not true
I can't have a top 10 list
I can't decide
I should do a top 50 =)
maybe later

now I should read the book i started few hours ago
it is called Jinx
i just started so i have no idea about how it is
but I will write about it
lately(today) I finished Take Me There and
it was awsome
You should read if you like spending time in your fantasy world =)

the start

I wasn't like this,
not util I met The Marauder
i am not saying she had a bad influence on me
no, not like that
but she changed me

She made me see
that things I care was not important
And I know she is right

I should thank her
It had been nearly 7 months since I met The Marauder
and I feel free
I would never think of having a blog
but when I saw her blog and read her blog
the idea of sharing your feelings started to sound
better, less scary.

So i can say,
she has a huge affect on Scavenger Hunt
taht's why I wanted to write about her in my first piece
and i hope she won't be angry when she reads this =)