Oh and also

Fuck the colors
I am in a physical pain right now

my wisdom tooth is trying really hard
to drill my skin and pop out
which is as bad as it sounds
left side of my mouth is not working
i cannot chew
so i am drinking soup for every meal
and when i don't take pain killers
the pain kills me
this pain will go on until the tooth pops out
which I think is not soon

I am feeling fucked up
also I have exams which
I didn't work
except physics
I have piano homework
that is not as easy as it sounds and I hate it

so basically I am a teenager


dedicated to the ladies


I checked out my firend's blog
and saw that she is having the same problem with the colours

so my blog is not the only one with problems :)


What The Fuck Is Happening To My Blog

the colours of the writings insist on not changing
I can not live without a colorfull blog
the colorfull writings was the reason
why I chose a white theme
hahahahah I really laughed hard
I should write some formulas and chemistry stuff to my notebook because it is completely empty.
It has been nearly 2 months and I didn't write a single word about chemistry in my notebook

But weheartit.com is much better
look up for the word funny
some of them are.


nice :)
louis vuitton-fake
is the best

fuck homework




i didn't write about wedding gowns yesterday :)

probably I will not write about them today too
because i am going to watch HARRY POTTER
i am vey excited

comments to night or tomorrow :)

p.s: i have a technical error, the colours of the writings aren't chancing . I will try to fix


Tonight ,
I was actually going to write about wedding gowns
and my trip to Hurghada

my friend M told me that she changed her blog's design (http://inspirationtent.blogspot.com/)
so I deciced why not...
and it took one and a half hours to complete my new design

wait for the wedding gowns
I adore them :)


I am writing from Cairo airport
we are sitting in the buisiness lounge for the first time

Business class:

1) You are a priorty (plus)
2) Your luggage comes out first (because it is a priorty) (plus)
3) The seats are bigger (a big plus)
4) The seats are more comfortable (another big plus)
5) You have an extra blank seat between you and the stranger ( another big plus)
6) You have a private lounge that serves free food, drink and internet (neutral)
7) Everyone is nicer (doesn't matter)
8) There is a red rug under your foot while you are checking in (not necessary)

Soooo the extra money you give is worth to try once
but it isn'tr big deal for me

see you tomorrow with some pics


I'm taking off to Egypt.
Hurghada actually, they say the sea is awesome
i will buy an underwater camera and spend my whole time in the sea :)
wait for the pictures...Eg11_large