I am sorry for not writing
about 3 days
but this week was wild =)

I went to shopping
with my mom after school
and bought 3 shoes =)
2 converse and 1 from topshop
also my sis took the ABRSM exam
which happened to went very well.
It was really late when I got back home!!

I was excited because there was
a musical in our school
and we had to stay after school
to watch it
it was magnificent.

We had 3 free hours
so me and my friend ece
decided to discover the forest=)
after having bugs climbing on our legs
we went inside and walked without a purpose
then we found my bffs
while we were walking
something amazing happened!!!
the best looking guy of the 10th grades
offered me to give his phone number
it was because of something silly =)
but it was still good to talk with him

A while later we decided to go to
the elementary school
and have some fun =)
We were 8-9 people
There is a thing called "slide" over there
that you jump on it and slide all the way
with a wire and a seat=)
we did that and there was like 3 people riding together
but it was designed to have 1 person only =)
We spent 2 hours in the elementary school

Musical was way better
than the last year's performance.
It was " Notre-dam de Paris"
I loved it,
the girl who played Esmeralda did a great job.
I arrived home at 10.30 pm=)

Nothing exciting and worth to tell about
happened =)
Oh maybe,
I learned that Ilgin and Ece will be able to
sleep-over at my house on Friday.
And we had a class detention
That will count.

I have to finish my book
see ya

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