Homework can be Fun

was blessed=)
i was with my 8 friends
but for different reasons
First I skipped school =)
at 3 o'clock ceren, ilgin, lara came
and we went to Mint to eat sushi
30 minutes or so later misra joined us
with her new (not) blackberry=)
Lara left us and we finished our lunch
we went back to Ceren's
where I fell in love with Candy =)

After an hour later
we (misra, lgin and I) were at my house
ayse came next
then ece
and we took some pics that you can see =)
We decided to do some homeworks
after all that was our main purpose

We choosed the poem
I'm a Puppy?
(our homework was to shoot a poem)
and dressed ilgin like a puppy
she had a dotted t-shirt and puppy ears.
We started to shoot
we endedup having the best video ever
but it is not the poem part that is amazing
it is the backstage part
you can watch it
but it is a little bit long
We were down to three
Ilgin, Ece and I
As I told in my previous post
we only slept for three hours
that means we slept at 6 o'clock
without noticing =)
and were woken up by my mom
in front of the TV at 9 o'clock
Friday-Saturday morning adventure =)

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