last week:

my school finished (I can not tell how happy I am but I will miss my class and classmates. I won't be able to be in the same class with some of them for the rest of my highschool life.)

my bf "I" went to America for 2 weeks and I am counting days. I missed her a lot =) She said she bought new things and I am really excited to see them.

my 2 bestfriends and I had a sleep over party (which we mostly gossiped and nail polished our fingers. But it finished at 2 am because "M" started to whine about how sleepy she was. and we slept)

my bf went to summer camp in America (which is good for her because she will do tons of shopping I know =) she already bought a new Mac and Diana F+ mini and this is her second day only but I am missing her and our "not doing anything except photoshoots" times for 3 weeks)

Also I went to school on thursday for the last time and it was amazingly fun. We only entered our first period class and then escaped to computer lab 2.We watched series of house, pretty little liars and criminal minds all day long with our ITC teacher.

this week:

We were supposed to go to London as you know but some problems occured and we had to cancel the trip. The saddest part is that my sis purcashed Norah Jones tickets 3 months earlier because she is totally her number 1 fan =) however now she can't go to the concert. We will visit England next month anyway so I am not upset =)

I entered my second piano exam today. I can't say it went excellent but it was good maybe even average =)

My firend "MT" will have her birthday party this Thursday it is a pool party but I will have my period so I will just sunbath =) and then we will have a sleep over. There are 10 or more people staying over so I do not know how we will fit =)

On sunday we will have a party for my two friends "I" and "Y". They will go to America next year to a different highschool with AFS. We will miss them like hell =(

And next week monday I will go to a second pool party. Lets hope my period will be over by then =)

I will write more about the events next week or so
see ya

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